Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Best lip plumper...

A lot of lip plumps on the market are pretty disappointing, merely menthol or peppermint flavoured so your lips feel a bit tingly. Maybe we're supposed to think 'Oooh tingly this is really working', do they take us for FOOLS? We have mirrors!

Well Too Faced Lip Injection does not disappoint and the scary name is well deserved. My friend Kate passed out when she first tested this in Boots (okay so she was really dehydrated, but it's a good story). I also applied this sober the other day and forgot how much it actually hurts. Ouch.

Basically I think it's ingredient is something to do with chilli - extract of chillis? I may have made that up. But anyway that's how it feels. Hot and burny. Oh my.

But the good thing is the more you apply it the less it hurts, until your slapping on it every five minutes with a Lesley Ash for all to admire. There are two important things to bear in mind though...

i) The reaction not only swells the pout but also darkens it in colour - so if you're not a fan of red lips dab some concealer on while applying. Something like Benefit Boi-ing would do.
ii) The reaction does not just occur with lips, but all skin so the skin around your mouth, your friend's cheek as you kiss her hello, your boyfriend's... you get the idea. Use wisely.

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