Friday, 8 January 2010

£2.39 for clear skin

Zindoclin, clindamycin, benxoyl peroxide, Minocin... when it comes to Acne preparations I have tried them all - and experienced all of the horrible side effects. Dry, itchy, bleached skin? I think I'd rather have acne!

The best product I found - and I would recommend it to anyone - is Distilled With Hazel. It is usually located with the first aid products, rather than skincare and is often sold out. I usually buy a couple at a time from the Boots website.

Use the clear liquid as you would a toner. Pour some onto a cotton wool pad and wipe over your face. Some people may find this too drying and may prefer to dab onto problem areas.

Even now my skin has improved I still do this a couple of times a week to keep my pores squeaky clean.

The best thing about this product? It's total natural - made purely from the witch hazel tree with no artificial perfumes, fragrances or additives.

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